Before energizing a transformer, a series of on-site tests are normally performed (insulation resistance, oil breakdown voltage, etc.). Furthermore, it is necessary to carry out more rigorous tests for after these events:

  • an on-site repair
  • problems such as trouble during transportation
  • receiving negative results from routine tests

Local companies usually provide transformer testing equipment on-site, but quite often the operators who bring the equipment have limited knowledge about transformer testing (reading numbers from an instrument is not measuring).

If you would like to have a neutral third-party during transformer testing, or if you simply want avoid diverting your own skilled resources, our transformer consultants can support you with on-site by:

  • Supervising the transformer test set up and measurements (many companies can rent you good instruments but the operators know little more than the sequence of buttons to press).
  • Interpreting the result of each test for the specific transformer being examined (e.g., a rectifier transformer with two active parts in the same tank will show different "normal" values from a power transformer).
  • Deciding which additional tests are necessary.
  • Organizing new tests based on what is available on site (tests which are easily carried out in the factory can be quite challenging on-site).

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