Common transformer diagnostic services include:

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
  • Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)
  • Dielectric spectroscopy
  • Polarization/Depolarization Current Analysis (PDC)

Acceptance criteria for all these methods are developed observing large populations of power transformers using simplified models, essentially treating a transformer as a black box.

Such generic interpretations may not be suitable for your transformers because of their unique characteristics in design, application and operation (power, generator step up, furnace, rectifier, cycloconverter, etc.).

Because of our transformer consultants's experiences in transformer design, construction and failure analyses, we can:

  • Interpret transformer diagnostics tests results taking into account the peculiarities of your transformer.
  • Identify follow up actions to solve the transformer's issue revealed by the diagnostic tests.

Most DGA service providers are chemical labs that treat transformers as black boxes. This is not surprising since they are competent in chemical analyses but not in transformer design. They use criteria that are developed through statistical analysis of large populations of similar power transformers.

Our transformer consultant's knowledge of transformer design and operation allows us to understand the true relationship (not simple correlation) between gasses and the transformer's possible faults. Therefore, we can support you in getting your problem solved instead of only advising you to make a new DGA after a specific amount of time.

Please contact us if you need our service on other transformer diagnostics.

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