When I first I met Baudilio several years ago, I was surprised that a university professor could ask good practical questions about transformers and I immediately wanted to know him better.

Since then, we had many chances to work together. I could appreciate how he was able to turn his theoretical knowledge and measurement experience into an asset for the solution of real transformer problems.

Baudilio Valecillos

Baudilio's first (self-made) recurrent impulse generator

By joining Trafoexperts, Baudiilio has increased and complemented the knowledge we put at your service in order to support you in becoming more effective, efficient and competitive.

For more information, please see Baudilio's CV at the top of this page as well as our references and publications.

Baudilio Valecillos transformer consultant

M. Sc. Eng. Baudilio Valecillos
Transformer Consultant
Trafoexperts GmbH
Heusser-Staub-Strasse, 10
8610, Uster

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