I am an internationally recognized expert in:

  • UHV AC transformers (up to 1200kV)
  • UHV DC transformers (up to 800kV)
  • transformers for high current applications (up to 120kA) such as electric arc furnace and aluminium smelters
  • transformers for power electronics

In 2012 I received the IEC 1906 Award for my work on industrial converter transformers.

Ugo Piovan

In addition to a solid theoretical background in transformer engineering, I have also developed in my career:

  • Knowledge of the practical aspects related to transformer manufacturing.
  • Understanding of the custumers's needs (through the marketing and sales of services and components to transformer manufacturers and end users).
  • Close relationship with international institututions for standards and R&D.
Ugo Piovan

My first transformer: 230/100000V, 5kVA (with an epoxy tank, there is no need of bushing)

My multi-disciplinary knowledge is at your service to support you in becoming more effective, efficient and competitive.

For more information, please see my CV at the top of this page as well as our references and publications.

Ugo Piovan transformer consultant

Dr. Ing. Ugo Piovan
Transformer Consultant
Trafoexperts GmbH
Heusser-Staub-Strasse, 10
8610, Uster
Tel.: +41-79-618-3112

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